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Navigating Monsoon Season: A Guide from The Arizona Group

Navigating Monsoon Season: A Guide from The Arizona Group

Arizona is in monsoon season, and residents must prepare for rain, thunderstorms, and flash floods. Monsoon season creates significant damage, and residents must ensure they have the right coverage for these events. At The Arizona Group, we will verify that you have the proper coverage to protect your most important assets. 

1. Review Your Insurance Coverage

Check your insurance policies to see if they cover damages from flooding, windstorms, and more. Our agents will help you understand your current coverage and can suggest changes to your policy when necessary. 

2. Understand Flood Insurance

Standard homeowners’ insurance often does not cover flood damage. You may need a separate flood insurance policy through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) or a private insurer. Our team can help you find the right flood insurance and explain some of your coverage options.

3. Mitigate Risks with Home Maintenance

Performing simple home services like cleaning your gutters, trimming surrounding trees, securing all your outdoor items, and checking your roof for leaks can reduce damage. Checking your home beforehand will help you reduce the cost and damage incurred by the monsoon season.

4. Create an Emergency Preparedness Plan

Always plan ahead. Develop a plan for your family or business, which includes evacuation routes and your emergency contacts. Know a safe place to store your important documents during a storm or flood. Planning ahead will reduce your stress and your costs in the long run.

5. Document Your Property

Take pictures or videos of your belongings. Store your pictures with receipts or appraisals in a secure location that you will remember. Proper documentation will help you file an insurance claim if monsoon damage occurs. 

6. Stay Informed and Be Proactive

Check your local weather forecasts daily and listen for flood warnings during this time of year. When you see a high storm risk, check your property to ensure all your items are secured and in good shape beforehand.

7. Consult with The Arizona Group

We will offer personalized guidance and help find you the right coverage. Contact us if you want help adjusting your current policy or want help finding new coverage that will best fit your needs. Stay safe out there, and enjoy the much-needed rain!