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Frequently Asked Insurance Questions About Coronavirus

Will Coronavirus related claims be covered?

Every claim is unique as is every policy. Your insurance company will assess claims in accordance with the coverage you have in place and the facts presented. It is not possible to answer hypothetical questions or claim scenarios regarding the Coronavirus. We are in uncharted waters with this pandemic though. If you believe you have a claim then report it to your insurance carrier by calling the phone number listed on your insurance policy or calling our claims department at 480-892-8755.

How will I know whether a Coronavirus scenario will be covered?

Report your claim directly to your insurance carrier using the claim number listed in your policy. The carrier will inform you after evaluating the claim and your policy.

What if I need to meet with someone to go over my insurance?

Presently, our office is only taking phone meetings or virtual meetings in order to follow CDC protocol of social distancing. We are open for business and can handle any transaction over the phone and by email.  We offer DocuSign for signatures and most carriers offer electronic payment options.

Are you open for business?

We are transacting business and are here to serve you, but our office is limiting face to face interactions. Please call or email your agent or leave a message in our general mailbox for assistance.

Will there be any payment accommodations or late payment forgiveness for individuals and businesses affected by Coronavirus?

Every insurance company is going to handle this differently, and our office has no control over payment considerations. We have heard that many insurance companies will be offering some form of relief at this time. Please contact your support representative or agent to see if we have any additional billing information for your policy.