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A true appreciation of wine and includes an interest in the story behind the wine. It is with great joy that we can observe the growth and emergence of the wine industry in our great state of Arizona.

We have come to learn that with wine comes personal stories, not only with the wineries but of the wines as well. The stories are of families pouring their hearts and souls into the business they love. It is with this understanding that we have developed a deep commitment to an industry that we truly love and want to be an integral part of its success.

We are an Arizona based Agency and can provide an extremely high level of service to our fellow local business owners. Because of our relationships with insurance companies that specialize in agriculture and specifically comprehensive Winery Coverage, we can provide Arizona’s wineries with the most thorough insurance program.

General & Liquor Liability

Liability includes on and off premise; coverage can be extended while attending festivals and events.

Property Insurance

Buildings | Harvesting equipment such as tractors and bins | Processing equipment such as grape crushers, fermentation and storage tanks | Bottling equipment such as bottle filters, corkers and labelers | Wine barrels, bottles, and inventory bulk and bottled wine

Harvested Vineyard Products

Grapes once removed from the vine: from processing to bottling | While in transit including bulk and bottled wine | Damage from tank leakage


Loss of perishable stock caused by change in temperature or humidity resulting from mechanical breakdown or power outage, as well as loss of stock resulting from a claim.

Crop Insurance

Crop insurance provides protection against lost production and loss of revenue; it acts as an excellent credit enhancement for agricultural loans.

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The Arizona Group offers comprehensive wine and vineyard insurance in Arizona and throughout the United States.

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