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Specialized insurance for your unique industry.

As a staffing industry, you face risks that are not prone to other industries. We have partnered with several insurance companies to offer special insurance programs tailored to the specific insurance needs of your business.

We recognize the unique exposures facing temporary staffing firms. The current state of the insurance marketplace for staffing companies is changing, and there will be fewer companies competing for your business. We work closely with our clients to form a unique risk management program to lower your insurance cost.

Our specialty workers’ compensation programs include options for:

  • Guarantee Cost – Allowing your company to know your annual premium in advance
  • High Deductible – Allowing your company to save on up-front premium costs
  • Group Captive – Allowing your company to lower its workers’ compensation costs and retain all profits after claims have been paid

The Arizona Group also offers coverages for:

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The Arizona Group offers comprehensive staffing agency insurance in Arizona and throughout the United States.

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