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Your dental practice comes with a unique set of risks and exposures. From your practice’s equipment to your patients’ electronic records, the right insurance coverage can make it easier to protect the most important aspects of your practice. We will customize a dental insurance policy that will provide the kind of protection that will keep you smiling.
Advantages of Our Program:
  • Coverage applies on an “occurrence basis,” a superior coverage advantage versus “claims-made” coverage available elsewhere.
  • Unlimited Claims Reporting – It is not unusual for you to be unaware for several months or years that a professional procedure performed today caused harm or injury to a client. The occurrence policy pays for a covered professional incident that occurred during the policy period, regardless of when the claim is reported. By comparison, a claims-made policy covers only those claims reported during the policy period.
  • Cost Savings – You will not have to purchase Extended Reporting Period (ERP) charges that are generally negotiated when a claims-made policy is terminating. The ERP is an important and expensive coverage option on a claims-made form.
  • Separate limits of insurance for your corporation or partnership, independent contractors, hygienists and dental assistants is included at no additional charge.
  • No professional liability claim will be settled without your consent.
  • A new dentist credit reduces your premiums.
  • You may earn a 25% credit if you have no professional liability claims after 3 years.

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The Arizona Group offers comprehensive dentist insurance in Arizona and throughout the United States.

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