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Meet Our Team

Meet the people behind The Arizona Group.

Robert Ogden

Chief Operating Officer
(480) 892-7625(Fax)

For over two decades, Robert Ogden has been a driving force behind our agency’s growth. As Chief Operating Officer, he leverages his extensive experience across Human Resources, Information Technology, and Operations to ensure our daily functions run smoothly. Robert is a strategic leader who fosters collaboration. He works closely with the accounting department to maintain regulatory compliance and partners with the Executive Committee to plan for the agency’s long-term success.

More than just an accomplished professional, Robert is a dedicated team leader. He takes pride in fostering a respectful and positive work environment, valuing strong relationships with all employees.

Outside the office, Robert prioritizes family time with his wife, kids, and grandkids. He is also passionate about serving his church. A true lifelong learner, Robert is constantly seeking new knowledge. His current interest in mastering AI and cryptocurrency demonstrates his commitment to staying ahead of the curve and propelling our agency forward.